Offering unique high-quality violin lessons to help you play, create and perform at the highest level. Improve your technique and musicianship quickly and enjoyably.

Expertise through performance

Play to practice and practice to play


Rigorous focus on outcomes

Personalized and effective technical prescriptions to optimize 1. Emotion 2. Narrative 3. Rhythm 4. Intonation 5. Tone


Excellence through improvisation and composition

Make your own worlds of sound and learn to play what you hear


Philosophy and practice of music as art

Music is so much more than scales. Develop empathy, focus, and rigorous execution. Learn deep life lessons applicable to any endeavor.

Empty Stage

Discreet problem solving for professionals

Short term consults for professionals at any stage of their career. Personalized expert level support for physiological and psychological challenges.

Sheet Music Edits

"One of the most intelligent, talented and innovative young artists with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. He is a first-rate violinist and excellent musician, with great instincts and the intelligence to support them. Robison has all the potential to be a successful and powerfully positive force on the performance stage and within the community. He has the enormous ability to function both as a topnotch performer, engaging educator and spokesperson for the arts."

Philip Setzer, Emerson String Quartet

"I was very much impressed both by the quality of Ben's playing and the scope of the program he chose. Violinistically, Ben is absolutely first-rate. His control of the instrument and ability to produce the spectrum of sounds and colors is outstanding. He conveys real passion for the music he is playing, and is connected to each composition in a uniquely personal way. His commitment to new music and to creating original musical experiences is equally admirable."

Geoff Nuthall, St Lawrence String Quartet


Doctor of Music and Medicine



Years of Experience and Proven Results

-Pre-college & college violin teacher & chamber music coach

-Accelerated theory course professor

-Teaching Assistant to Philip Setzer, Ani Kavafian, and Pam Frank

-National and International Competition Winner

A MacArthur award winning musician, designer, and health professional. I have a doctorate in violin performance from Stony Brook University, music degrees from the Cleveland Institute of Music and Peabody Conservatory at Johns Hopkins University, and an MD from Stanford University and have taught at each of these institutions. I am avidly interested in performing, learning and training.


I began studying the violin at age three and won my first major prize at the Canadian National Music Competition. I have performed as soloist and chamber musician across Europe and North America and collaborated with members of the Emerson Quartet, Miro Quartet, the Cleveland Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, and Chamber Music at Lincoln Center. My mentors and most important influences include renowned artists Camilla Wicks and Loran Fenyves, pedagogs Claude Richard and David Cerone, and jazz great Ray Anderson.


My approach to violin applies all that I have learned about expertise from training in music, climbing, tennis and medicine. This life journey has provided a unique perspective on how to learn music effectively through a rigorous and joyous focus on the most important and fundamental aspects of violin playing and performance.

I’ve helped aspiring musicians of all ages discover their full potential, while taking an approach that focuses on deliberate practice, psychological optimization and play.


Through this personalized approach, my students are able to develop performance plans, practice habits and mental techniques to achieve their musical goals. 

"A stunning performance!" [Stravinsky Violin Concerto]

Associated Press

"A fantastic violinist!"

Joseph Silverstein




Music is art.


We play music to express

Something personal yet universal

To ourselves and our audience. 


That we play is important.


Play, share, listen.

Then practice: A meditation, a retreat.


We strive to perform at the limits of our vision,

To be artists.

The beginner is often placed on a track of exercises, etudes and music that has little to do with playing or personal expression.

The advanced student becomes lost in a factory focus on intonation and error reduction.

All the notes in tune, in rhythm, with a pleasant sound. Get the job. Jump through the hoop.


Is this what inspires you?

Is this why you went into music?

Is this your path?

Did you choose this?


There is a better way.

Artistry as path

Toward excellence.


Learn by playing

Practice by performing

Perfect by creating


Trust in your song.


Contact me to find:


Clarity in your goals,

Technique specific to your dreams,

Freedom to pursue the sound that inspires you,

The skills to earn doing what you love.


Practice is what you do to expand your field of play.

Playing is what you do to inspire, your audience and yourself. 


This is the creative violin. This is what we stand for.



Learn the art and craft of violin playing. Whether you are a beginner just starting on the musical path or the professional seeking insight into intransigent problems, I can help. We play music to share the joy of expression. We play for what it can teach us about ourselves and the world. This world is waiting for you. Reach out and we can begin your next step. I can guide you with deep insights from my experience in music, medicine, sports and psychology to a new level of performance and enjoyment. Email:


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